MOOC Review: History of Rock, Part One


Course   information

Institution University of Rochester
Course History of Rock, Part One
Date Summer 2013
Platform coursera

Course content

Topics The World Before Rock and Roll (1900-1955)

The Birth and First Flourishing of Rock and Roll (1955-59)

The Demise of Rock and the Promise of Soul (1959-63)

The Beatles and the British Invasion (1964-66)

American Responses (1965-67)

Motown Pop and Southern Soul (1960-69)

Psychedelia (1966-69)

Format Lecture videos


Optional readings

Target group Beginner





Length 7 weeks
Weekly workload 4 hours/week


Overall impression 7/10
Summary The course is the first of two courses. It covers the history of rock from the beginning in 1955 till the year 1970. John Covach tells a lot of interesting facts about the Evolution of the music business and the technology. He will give a very good overview   over the most important musicians and bands of the rock history. I recommend to pause the lecture videos whenever a new musician is stated and listen to   the music of this musician. By doing so you will hear a lot of very good music and maybe you will find your new favourite band.
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