MOOC Review: History of Rock, Part Two


Course   information

Institution University of Rochester
Course History of Rock, Part Two
Date Summer 2013
Platform coursera

Course content

Topics The Growing Rock Monster (1970-77)

Black Pop, Reggae, and the Rise of Disco (1970-79)

Mainstream Rock, Punk, and New Wave (1975-79)

I Want My MTV (1980-89)

Heavy Metal, Rap, and the Rise of Alternative Rock (1980-89)

Widening Gaps (the 1990s)

Format Lecture videos


Optional readings

Target group Beginner





Length 6 weeks
Weekly workload 4 hours/week


Overall impression 5/10
Summary The course is the second of two courses. It covers the history of rock from the 1970s till now. John Covach tells a lot of interesting facts about the development of the Music business he will give a very good overview over the most important musicians and bands of the rock history. I recommend to pause the lecture Videos whenever a new musician is stated and listen to the music of this musician. By doing so you will hear a lot of very good music and maybe you will find your new favourite band. For me this course was not that interesting like the first part. Maybe because I already know a lot of the newer bands and therefore I get less new impressions then in the first part of the course.
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