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Introduction to Regular Expressions

Regular expressions are a powerful tool to check a string against an expected pattern.  Furthermore it is possible to change a string according to the pattern. But regular expressions look very magic to most software developers, especially in C#. In … Weiterlesen

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MOOC Review: Social Psychology

  Course information Institution Wesleyan University Course Social Psychology Date Autumn 2013 Platform coursera   Course content Topics Social Perceptions and Misperceptions The Psychology of Self-Presentation and Persuasion Obedience, Conformity, and Deindividuation Group Behaviour: The Good, Bad, and Ugly Conflict, … Weiterlesen


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Shadowing function parameters with local variables

Within this article I want to ask a very basic question which is important in nearly all programming languages: What if you have a function with a parameter x and inside the function you declare a local variable x. Will … Weiterlesen

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MOOC Review: From the Big Bang to Dark Energy

  Course information Institution The University of Tokyo Course From the Big Bang to Dark Energy Date Autumn 2013 Platform coursera   Course content Topics From daily life to the Big Bang Birth of Elements and Higgs Boson Dark Matter … Weiterlesen

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Multithreading in C#, Teil 25: AggregateException und UnobservedTaskException

In multi-threading Anwendungen gestaltet sich die Implementierung eines zuverlässigen Exception Handlings zumeist schwierig und ist mit einigem Aufwand verbunden. In diesem Artikel möchte ich Ihnen daher die grundlegenden Kenntnisse zum Exception Handling in Tasks vermitteln.   Exception Handling in Tasks … Weiterlesen

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