MOOC Review: CS-191x Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation


Course information

Institution Berkeley, University of California
Course CS-191x Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Computation
Date Autumn 2013
Platform edx

Course content

Topics Qubits

Entanglement and Bell’s experiment

Quantum circuits and teleportation

Early quantum algorithms

Shor’s factoring algorithm

Quantum search and Schrödingers equation

Continuous quantum systems and spin

Implementing qubits and gate

Format Lecture videos



Target group Beginner





Length 10 weeks
Weekly workload 5 hours/week


Overall impression 5/10
Summary I have taken this course to get an introduction into quantum theory. Finally I learned the basics ideas, concepts and problems of quantum mechanics but sometimes the course was too much focused on mathematics. All the topics will be explained by using linear algebra. Therefore it is mandatory to have basic knowledge of linear algebra topics like vectors, matrices and eigenvalues.

I rated the course   with 5 of 10 points because half of the course was about quantum theory which was explained by using linear algebra but the other half of the course was more like a math course which uses quantum mechanics examples to explain mathematical issues.

If you like mathematics and you want to learn something about quantum mechanics, then I will recommend the course. But if you don’t like math and linear algebra you better have to look for another course.

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