DynamicTable to DataTable

The DynamicTable object is a dynamic and expandable data class to store a table. You will find an introduction to this data class in a previous article. In the actual version of the DynamicTable I have added the functionality to export the data as DataTable and to import data from a DataTable. You will find the release on github and you are welcome to use the DynamicTable in your own projects.


DynamicTable to DataTable

The following source code shows a unit test function. Within this unit test a DynamicTable will be exported as DataTable.

IDynamicTable table = new DynamicTable(DynamicTableType.Expandable);
dynamic row;
DataTable dataTable;

//add values
row = new ExpandoObject();
row.FirstName = "Hans";
row.LastName = "Mueller";
row.Age = 30;

row = new ExpandoObject();
row.LastName = "Meier";
row.Street = "Main street";
row.Birthday = new DateTime(2001, 12, 20);

//get data table
dataTable = table.AsDataTable();

DynamicTable from DataTable

To import a DataTable is also very easy. You may use a pre-defined DynamicTable or otherwise the columns of the DynamicTable will be created according to the DataTable content. The following source code shows an according unit test.

IDynamicTable table = new DynamicTable(DynamicTableType.Expandable);
dynamic row;

    new List<IDynamicTableColumn>()
        new DynamicTableColumn<string>("FirstName"),
        new DynamicTableColumn<string>("LastName"),
        new DynamicTableColumn<int>("Age"),
        new DynamicTableColumn<DateTime>("Birthday"),



The DynamicTable object offers a flexible way to manage data within a table. By using the DataTable import and export feature you are able to exchange data between you application components ore to save the data in a file or database.

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