MOOC Review: Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence


Course   information

Institution Case Western Reserve University
Course Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence
Date Autumn 2013
Platform coursera

Course content

Topics Resonant Leadership and the Neuroscience Behind It

Renewal As an Antidote to Chronic Stress

Emotional Intelligence and Its Link to Leadership

Inspiring and Motivating Sustained Development, Growth and Learning

Coaching with Compassion to Inspire Sustained Learning and Development

Peer Coaching: With a Little Help from My Friends

Inspiring Change through Hope and Vision

The Multilevel Nature of Sustained, Desired Change

The Real Self and Learning Agenda

Format Lecture videos


Learning Assignments

Discussion Forum


Final Exam

Target group Beginner





Length 8 weeks
Weekly workload 5 hours/week


Overall impression 7/10
Summary This course will help you to be a better leader. But it requires some work from you. You will not get many video lectures like in other courses. You have to do more active work instead. The course offers possibilities to learn more about the emotional leadership and it will help you to find out your own goals and you way to improve yourself. Therefore you will be asked to do very interesting and emotional exercises. If you are willing to do these exercises you get a lot of outcomes from this course. On the other hand, if you are a more passively person and you want to get knowledge by watching video lectures, than this is not your course.
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