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Code contracts in C#

Code contracts provide a way to specify conditions in your code. For example this may be pre-conditions and post-conditions of methods. These contracts will allow you to validate the parameters of methods and to check the method results.   Example … Weiterlesen

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Units of measurement in F#

One of the major advantages of static typed programming languages is the detection of type specific errors during implementation time. This early detection of errors may save time and money. Such type checks during implementation time are also possible for … Weiterlesen

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Crash course: anonymous types

In C# it is possible to create a class instance by using compiler-generated types. This concept was introduced with .NET 3 and is called: anonymous types. If you use such an anonymous type, the compiler will automatically create a type … Weiterlesen

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MOOC Review: ANU-ASTRO1x Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe

  Course information Institution Australian National University Course Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe Date Spring 2014 Platform edx   Course content Topics The Expanding Universe The Big Bang Dark Energy Giant Black Holes First Light in the Universe Gamma-Ray … Weiterlesen

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string vs. String in C#

In the last time I have had heard one question several times: “What is the difference between ‘string’ and ‘String’”? Furthermore during several code reviews I have seen a mix-up of these two notations. Therefore, within this article I want … Weiterlesen

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