MOOC Review: ANU-ASTRO1x Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe


Course information

Institution Australian National University
Course Greatest Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe
Date Spring 2014
Platform edx

Course content

Topics The Expanding Universe

The Big Bang

Dark Energy

Giant Black Holes

First Light in the Universe

Gamma-Ray Bursts

Dark Matter

Solar System Formation

Life in Space

Format Lecture videos



Target group Beginner





Length 9 weeks
Weekly workload 3 hours/week


Overall impression 7/10
Summary This is the first course of a series of four courses about astrophysics offered by the Australien National University. In nine topics you will hear about the biggest unsolved mysteries of our universe. The two lecturer presents these topics in short videos and explain the actual theories and possible explanations to the topics. Of course in astrophysics there are more than nine open questions. So the most important ones are selected and presented in a very enjoyable, interesting and easy to understand way.

So if you are interested in this topic I can recommend the course. I already registered for the next of the four courses and if this one is done in the same manner I will maybe participate at the whole series of the four courses.

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