MOOC Review: phlx101-01 Introduction to Bioethics


Course information

Institution Georgetown University
Course Introduction to Bioethics
Date Spring 2014
Platform edx

Course content

Topics Bioethics at the Bedside

Bioethics & the Human Person

Bioethics & Justice

Bioethics & the Beginning of Life

Bioethics & the End of Life

Bioethics & Globalization

Format Lecture videos

Discussion forum


Target group Beginner





Length 6 weeks
Weekly workload 3 hours/week


Overall impression 3/10
Summary The course contains six main topics where each is divided into two sub topics. So you will hear something about a lot of different subjects. This will allow you to search out the topics you are most interested in. With the additional discussion forum and further possibilities to do deep dives into these topics you may have the possibility to learn a lot of the subjects of your choice. I rated the course with only three of ten points because the quality of the different topics differs with the different speakers. Furthermore if you want to do deep dives on a topic you have to spend a lot of time and do your own investigations because the course itself will give you only a lead-in into the topics.
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