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MOOC Review: R Programming

  Course information Institution Johns Hopkins University Course R Programming Date Summer 2014 Platform coursera   Course content Topics Overview of R R data types and objects Reading and writing data Control structures Functions Scoping rules Dates and times Loop … Weiterlesen

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Crash course: Lambda Expressions

As I have seen lambda expressions the first time, I thought to myself: “What’s that for a strange syntax?”. At first, I didn’t really understand the purpose of the source code. But after a short training time, I have not only … Weiterlesen

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Task management with Eisenhower Principle and Kanban

By using the Eisenhower Principle you may easily evaluate tasks and define their importance, urgency and as conclusion the way to handle these tasks. Therefore the first step for an efficient time and task management is done. But now you … Weiterlesen

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Concatenate Strings in C#: + Operator vs. String.Concat vs. StringBuilder

In the source code of almost any software application individual strings are concatenated into one string. To implement a string concatenation is thus something absolutely rudimentary and should belong to the repertoire of every software developer. In C# there are … Weiterlesen

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Time management with the Eisenhower Principle

I think a good time management is essential in daily business. Normally you will not have the time to do all the tasks you get. And of course you don’t have the time to do everything immediately. A good time … Weiterlesen

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A successful presentation starts with the right structure

It isn’t that difficult to find the right structure for a lecture or a presentation. Nevertheless I often experience basic faults during presentations. For example a bad introduction, to forget the agenda or an inadequate conclusion. During presentations some little … Weiterlesen

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MOOC Review: MEDX202-01 Genomic Medicine Gets Personal

  Course information Institution Georgetown University Course MEDX202-01 Genomic Medicine Gets Personal Date Summer 2014 Platform edx   Course content Topics Genomics Medicine Gets Personal Making Precision Medicine a Reality Through Genomics Chromosomal and Mendelian Diseases Prenatal Care Cancer Care … Weiterlesen

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