MOOC Review: MEDX202-01 Genomic Medicine Gets Personal


Course information

Institution Georgetown University
Course MEDX202-01 Genomic Medicine Gets Personal
Date Summer 2014
Platform edx

Course content

Topics Genomics Medicine Gets Personal

Making Precision Medicine a Reality Through Genomics

Chromosomal and Mendelian Diseases

Prenatal Care

Cancer Care

Making Precision Diagnosis With Next Generation Tools

Minding The Business of Genomics

Genomics and The Patient, The Family and The Society

Looking to the Future of Medicine in the Genomic Era

Format Lecture videos

Discussion forum


Final Exam

Target group Beginner





Length 9 weeks
Weekly workload 5 hours/week


Overall impression 4/10
Summary The first half of the course was interesting and introduced a lot of important topics. These topics are presented as lecture videos by different speakers. By having new speakers in each lecture you can get different point of views to the topics. This may be helpful but on the other hand it leads to some repetitions during the second half of the course. Therefor in my opinion the second half of the course was not very interesting because there where to many repetitions of topics.
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