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Scrum – Review

At the end of the sprint the whole team can celebrate its work by showing the results to the product owner. So this sprint review should not be seen and used as a test or a control of the teams … Weiterlesen

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Scrum – Daily Scrum

Communication between the project members is the key to success for a project. Therefore, I think, the Daily Scrum is the most important scrum meeting. But it is also the most difficult one because it thrives on the participation of … Weiterlesen

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Scrum – Sprint Planning Meeting 2

After the planning meeting 1, the development team will do the planning meeting 2, to define how to reach the sprint goals.   General conditions Participants: Development Team, Scrum Master Moderator: Scrum Master Content: How do we reach the goals … Weiterlesen

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Scrum – Sprint Planning Meeting 1

In Scrum, each sprint starts with the planning meeting 1. This very important meeting lays the foundation stone for the whole sprint. Within this article I want to give you an overview about the planning meeting 1 goals and execution … Weiterlesen

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Reward failure

You all know the phrase: “Adversity is the school of wisdom”. That means we have to do errors to learn and getting better. But in daily business I often see a really bad error culture which does not accept any … Weiterlesen

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Crash course: LINQ in 10 minutes

In code reviews, I unfortunately often see that LINQ is relatively rarely used. If I ask why, I often hear that this programming concept is not known or not well known and the software developer feel uncertain on using LINQ. … Weiterlesen

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Why do we have meetings

As a project leader, nearly every day, you may have one or more meetings. But do you ever asked yourself and the meeting participants: “Why do we have this meeting”? If not, this question should become an inherent part of … Weiterlesen

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A successful start for a presentation

In a previous article, I explained the content of a good presentation introduction. Based on this article I want to give you more details for a successful start of a presentation. The following chapters show the content of an introduction. … Weiterlesen

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