Scrum – Sprint Planning Meeting 2

After the planning meeting 1, the development team will do the planning meeting 2, to define how to reach the sprint goals.

General conditions

Participants: Development Team, Scrum Master

Moderator: Scrum Master

Content: How do we reach the goals of the sprint?

Duration: 60 minutes per sprint week

Time: After sprint planning meeting 1. If it is possible you should do the planning meetings 1 and 2 at the same day.


Clarify the technical details for the implementation of the user stories.

As result of this meeting all tasks to implement the features are defined.

The tasks will be placed together with the user stories (features) to a whiteboard (the task board).

After this meeting each developer should know how to implement the user stories of this sprint. Therefore everyone must fully understand the defined tasks and the discussed details on how to implement these tasks.

Meeting protocol

The scrum master creates a sprint backlog with all defined tasks. Furthermore the task board will be created by the development team and the scrum master.

Within this meeting it may happen that a lot of technical details are discussed. Therefore each developer must make his private notes with the details important for him.

Execution of the meeting

The team goes through the user stories and thinks about possible ways to implemented them. Each user story will be split up into small tasks. A task should have an implementation effort of round about one day. To define smaller tasks is possible but this may result in not needed details. Larger tasks should be avoided. I often use an upper limit of two days effort.

Each task should be testable within a module test and therefore it should not have strong dependencies to other tasks. Some tasks are based on other tasks and therefore sometimes the implementation order is given. Such dependencies must be identified and documented in the sprint backlog and task board.

Furthermore the acceptance criteria of each task must be defined. For example this could be a unit test, an integration test, a test by using a simulated or a real test object (for example if the code controls some hardware), a code review and so on.


During the sprint planning meeting 1, the development team will analyze all user stories and define the tasks to implement them. The technical details for the tasks will be discussed and the acceptance criteria will be defined. Furthermore the sprint backlog and the task board will be created.

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