Scrum – Daily Scrum

Communication between the project members is the key to success for a project. Therefore, I think, the Daily Scrum is the most important scrum meeting. But it is also the most difficult one because it thrives on the participation of each team member.


General conditions

Participants: Development Team, Scrum Master

Moderator: No moderator

Content: Synchronization about the actual status of the sprint tasks

Duration: 15 minutes per day

Time: At the beginning of each day



The development team will share information about the actual status and will plan the day together. To do so everyone will provide an overview of the current status of his work and the new tasks for the actual day will be planned. Furthermore problems and impediments will be identified and communicated to the scum master.


Meeting protocol

The daily scrum is done by using the task board. So it will be updated during the meeting. If new impediments are communicated, the scrum master has to update the impediment backlog after the daily scrum.


Execution of the meeting

Each team member will shortly tell what he has achieved since the last daily scrum, and what he wants to do till the next daily scrum. This status update has to be done by using the task board. So the team member can move the tasks he speaks about to the respective column of the tasks board.

In the daily scrum it may occur that a task is identified which takes longer than planned. In such a case it is possible to split this task into smaller ones, which can then be done by different members of the development team.

During the daily scrum no problems will be solved and no detail discussions will be done. You should keep the strict time frame of maximum 15 minutes. All such impediments or issues which induce detail discussions will be noted by the scum master. So the development team or the scrum master can schedule according tasks or meetings.

The development team should also use the daily scrum to ask for help and to support team members. So if a team member needs support he should ask the team. Maybe someone is an expert in the respective field and can easily support him.


Recommendations for the scrum master

As scrum master you should not moderate this meeting. The daily scrum is made for and done by the development team. But you should ensure the communication flow. So sit back and relax. Intervene only if it is necessary.

If your team is not self-reliant and want to let you lead the meeting, you may try the following things. As scrum master you should step a back a little bit. Let the team do the meeting and stay in background. If the team nevertheless look at you and wait for your input you can do another thing: miss a meeting. By fault, miss the next daily scrum, So your team has to do it without you. And if your team cancels the meeting because you were not present, then also miss the next meeting.



The daily scrum is the most important but also most difficult scrum meeting because you as the moderator should not lead this meeting. But you have to establish a good meeting culture and enable your team to perform the daily scrum without your help.

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2 Antworten zu Scrum – Daily Scrum

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  2. Sebastian schreibt:

    Great Post! There are much good information! I agree with the opinion that you should work on your scrum routine daily.

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