Scrum – Review

At the end of the sprint the whole team can celebrate its work by showing the results to the product owner. So this sprint review should not be seen and used as a test or a control of the teams work. It is rather the well-deserved end of the sprint.

General conditions

Participants: Development Team, Product Owner, User, Scrum Master

Moderator: Scrum Master

Content: Hand over the sprint result to the product owner

Duration: 60 minutes per sprint week

Time: At the end of each sprint


The development team will show the sprint result to the product owner. The product owner will tell the team whether his expectations are fulfilled.

Meeting protocol

The scrum master will create a meeting protocol and writes down any new or changed requirements.

Execution of the meeting

The development team presents its results and it is checked whether the acceptance criteria defined in the planning meeting 1 are achieved. It is the responsibility of the product owner to decide whether this criteria are fulfilled or not. No compromises should be done: A team has also misses a goal, if a feature is “almost ready”. In this case, the unfinished feature or user story has to return back into the product backlog and the product owner will reprioritize this story.

In the sprint review, the participation of the user is important because he can see and test the finished functionality now. This can lead to important feedback for future product design. It may even happen that the functionality was technically implemented properly (they met all acceptance criteria) but from the user’s perspective the feature is not useable for various reasons. Such feedback has to be understood as a request to the product owner, to align the user stories better to the needs of the user.

During the review often a lively dialogue will evolve and new functionalities will be discussed. These new user stories should be noted by the scrum master and the product owner as a possible new entries for the product backlog.


The sprint review is very important for the development team’s motivation. The team has done all the hard work and now they are proud to hand over the final result to the product owner. So this meeting should also be used to appreciate the team’s work.

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