Scrum – How to do planning meeting 2

In a previous article I gave you an overview about the planning meeting 2. Within this article I want to show you a short “how to” list which you may use during the meeting as a reminder of the important steps.

Summary of the sprint

At first the scrum master gives an overview about the sprint goals defined in the planning meeting 1.

Go through all user stories

Now the scrum master will go through all features one after another and for each feature the following things will be discussed and defined:

  • One of the team explains how he would implement the feature
  • The other team members will complement this implementation idea with their own experiences and may show alternatives
  • If the team has found the right implementation strategy, then they have to split up the feature into tasks and make a rough estimation of the task efforts
  • The test criteria and test type for each task will be defined
  • Now a team member will add all tasks to the task board

Summarize the meeting

At the end of the meeting the scrum master should summarize the meeting results. I would recommend to use the created task board and give a short resume of the features and defined Tasks.

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