Scrum – How to do the daily scrum

In a previous article I gave you an overview about the daily scrum. Within this article I want to show you a short “how to” list which you may use during the meeting as a reminder of the important steps.

Start the meeting

The development team meets in a semicircle in front of the task board. The scrum master should stay about half a step outside and guests are completely outside of the semicircle.

Team synchronization

Successively each team member tells his colleagues the following:

  • What I have realized since the last daily scum?
  • What will I do today?
  • What hinders me in my current job?
  • Where do I need help?
  • My current availability?

During speaking, the team member should also visualize the actual status by moving the respective task in the task board.

Summarize the meeting

At the end of the meeting the scrum master should summarize the meeting results. He should also give an update if an impediment status has changed and he should tell the team how he wants to proceed with the new impediments shown during the daily scrum. Sometimes during the daily scrum a topic will be pop up which needs a follow up discussion. The scrum master should therefore also tell the team how to continue with such Topics.

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