Project marketing to increase team motivation

Team motivation is one key to success in projects. As shown in a previous article the best motivation for a team or a person is joy or the pleasure to do the project work. And you have the possibility to create or increase this motivation based on pleasure by doing the right project marketing.

Why to do project marketing

It is great when a project is known and thus gets more support. Also, this motivates the project team. Think about a team which works very hard, has great successes on finishing tasks and features and will continues deliver finished products to a satisfied customer. What do you think will motivate the team: If no one in the company knows the product, the team and the successful product or if the project is known and the team and product evolution and success is shown transparent to everyone? Of course, good project marketing will make the team proud of their work and will increase the motivation. This will strengthen your team and is a good investment in the future of your project.

How to do project marketing

You have a lot of possibilities to do project marketing. Of course, they will depend on you kind of company, organizational structure, project culture and development process. The following list will show you some possibilities to do project marketing.

  • Show project status to everyone. For example use a public place to install a corkboard with your project progress chart, burn down chart, task board, Kanban board or whatever you use to visualize the project progress.
  • Do public presentations of your project. For example if a big milestone is reached and you prepare a presentation for your customer, you can also do this presentation at first internal. This will allow you to do a final rehearsal and at the same time you can do a well project marketing.
  • Distribute success stories. For example if you master an important milestone, then share this information. You can write an email to thank all project members and forward this email to their line managers. And you can use the project corkboard – which was mentioned in the first point – to publish such success stories.
  • Distribute news. Use a newsletter, the project corkboard or other media to share project news.
  • Create a project logo and title. Such an eye-catcher like a logo and also a well-chosen project name will give the project a recognition value.


Project marketing is a powerful way to increase the team motivation. It is one key to success for a project. Therefore you should do it in any of your Projects.

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