Love-accept-change-leave principle

In daily business as well as in private situations we always have a variety of options for action. The love-accept-change-leave principle is one possibility to classify tasks or situations and derive appropriate treatment options.

Love it

Of course, if you like things then do them. Also try to develop and expand them. Development of thinks you like will often bring more benefit than trying to eliminate weaknesses.

Accept it

The following quote from Simon Pered will summarize the thought of the “Accept it” approach.

“If a problem has no solution, it may not be a problem but a fact, not to be solved, but to be coped with over time.”

So, don’t try to change things you cannot change. Instead accept them and learn to deal with these things. For example these can be issues which are out of your scope of control. Then do not try to change them or scold every day about these things. Simply accept it.

Change it

You have identified something you want to change or to optimize and this thing is within your circle of influence? Then change it! At first you should create some ideas and change suggestions. Think about the actual situation and the ideal situation you want to achieve. Define the goal and the steps to reach it. And then actively do the change.

Leave it

Are there any working processes, behaviors or ways of working which interfere or impede your daily work? Then try to leave them. It is often difficult to give up behaviors or working tasks. But if you actively do this you will see it is only difficult at the start and then it will lead to self-evidence.


Think about your daily business tasks and maybe your own behaviors. Try to identify whether these are things you love, accept, want to change or want to leave. According to this classification it will be easier to improve these business tasks or behaviors.

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