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Pull don’t push to motivate your project team

In modern software development you want to have a self-organized team which works self-reliant and autonomously to reach the given goals. But of course a self-organized team does also need leadership. As a good team leader you have to respect … Weiterlesen

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Show extraneous tasks on the Kanban board

I think you all know this situation: During a team synchronization meeting, for example during a daily standup in front of the Kanban board, each team member talks about his actual work. And now you will hear something like: “Yesterday … Weiterlesen

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Open XML: Use a template file

Within a previous article I have shown you a “Hello World” solution to create an Open XML file. Based on this article I will show you an adapted version of this application which uses an existing file. So you can … Weiterlesen

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Why we focus on the negative moments

A human aspect is that negative moments create stronger emotions than positive moments. This may result in a focus on the negative things. And I am sure you see this issue in your daily project business. You’re project members are … Weiterlesen

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Management and Validation of Data: the User Interface

This is the third and last article of an article series about the management and validation of data in a graphical user interface. Within this article series I want to introduce a data class which can manage a single value, … Weiterlesen

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