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Static vs. Singleton

During my daily business I see in nearly every application static classes and/or singletons. And in most cases it looks like they are chosen randomly because if I ask the developer why he has used a static or a singleton … Weiterlesen

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Use your scrum board to collect learning’s

There is a retrospective at the end of each sprint, which in my opinion is one of the most important meetings for the project because decisions made during this meeting may increase the efficiency and motivation of the whole project … Weiterlesen

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Open XML: add a picture

Within this article I want to show how to add a picture to an Open XML document.   Document Image Part At first you have to create an image part. This document part is used to store the image. If … Weiterlesen

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Moderate, don’t decide

As moderator of a meeting or discussion you have one important task: moderation. This sounds logical but it isn’t easy. Especially if you are familiar with the discussion topic, if you are an expert in this topic or when the … Weiterlesen

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