Use your scrum board to collect learning’s

There is a retrospective at the end of each sprint, which in my opinion is one of the most important meetings for the project because decisions made during this meeting may increase the efficiency and motivation of the whole project team. So this meeting will help to have a successful project.

But maybe you have already experienced retrospectives were the participants have said things like: “Oh yes we had have this issue two weeks ago and we thought about possible solutions. But I cannot remember which solutions we were talking about.” That’s normal. We all will forget things sometimes. That’s also a reason why we use a scrum board.

So let us therefore use the scrum board to collect these important learning’s and ideas we have during the sprint. The scrum board offers an easy way to collect these things for the retrospective. Therefore you may add a new section to the scrum board or place an additional sheet next to the board. Whenever someone has a good idea or whenever the team finds some learning’s, experiences or discussion points, they can write down these things and put them on the scrum board sheet.

At the end team will collect all important things during the sprint. So these things don’t get lost and can be discussed during the retrospective. This easy to implement improvement will enlarge the efficiency of your retrospective meetings.

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