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There exist a lot of different concepts for agile software development. Scum is one of the most known concepts, which is also very popular and established in a lot of companies. Another concept, often used in software support teams, is … Weiterlesen

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Is framing morally wrong

There is only one reality but everyone has another view to it. Depending on the different views there are different approaches, opinions and attitudes. If we talk about something we always talk about our view on the reality. Therefore we … Weiterlesen

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Effective meetings

Meetings are effective and efficient if: The objectives and goals are known The goals can be achieved The meeting can be done with as little time All the participants are satisfied   Within this article I want to give you … Weiterlesen

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The 3P Model in framing: Policy, Principles, Personality

Within this article I want to show you the 3P model in framing. This model will introduce three kinds of frames. They differ in their emotional effect and can therefore produce very different results. To know this model will help … Weiterlesen

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