Is framing morally wrong

There is only one reality but everyone has another view to it. Depending on the different views there are different approaches, opinions and attitudes. If we talk about something we always talk about our view on the reality. Therefore we will ever use frames implicitly without any ulterior motives.

But by doing so, we will influence others. It has been a well-recognized phenomenon that the way we frame a question affects the answers others give. For example a study was done by Kahneman and Tversky were they asked people to choose between two treatments for 600 people who had a fatal disease. The treatment A was predicted to result in 400 deaths. At first they choose a positive frame, that 200 lives are saved. In this case 72% of the participants of the study have chosen this treatment. At next they used a negative frame that 400 people will die. Now, only 22% of the participants have selected this treatment. This study shows that people get highly influenced by having different views on the same reality.

But does this mean it is morally wrong to use such frames? I think this question is too simplistic. As explained, you always have your personal view on the reality. This view reflects the way you think and implicitly is your frame. So framing is a part of everyday communication.

Your opinion, you statements and the way you say things will always have an effect on your listeners. This will influence their opinions and feelings. Eventually it might also influence their behavior. Therefore, you will always influence others, no matter if you just talk with someone or if you have well prepared frames for a presentation or discussion. So asking whether framing is morally wrong is like asking whether talk to someone is morally wrong.

I think as framing is only one view to a reality, it could not be wrong. Your reality which means your aimed goal might by morally wrong but not the frame itself. Except if you lie. If your frame does not reflect the reality it might be morally wrong. But in this case it’s no longer a frame, because it is not a view to the reality. In this case it is just a lie.

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