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If you want to answer to an opponent’s frame you will normally reframe it. This can be done by telling your version of the same reality, by exchanging roles or by taking a different look at the topic. Another possibility … Weiterlesen

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What to do if commitments are not fulfilled?

You all will know these situations from your daily business: commitments will not be fulfilled every time. In principle that’s no problem at all, except it happens often. But what to do if a member of you team often miss … Weiterlesen

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The Victim-Villain-Hero model in framing

In a previous article I have shown the 3P model in framing. Now I want to introduce the next model: the Victim-Villain-Hero model. Your audience consists of people and no robots. The biggest difference is: people will hear your messages … Weiterlesen

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MOOC Review: Framing Learn How to Debate and Create Powerful Messages

  Course information Institution Delft University of Technology Course Frame101x Framing: Creating powerful political messages Date Spring 2015 Platform edx   Course content Topics The concepts of framing and reframing How the game of framing and reframing is played How … Weiterlesen

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