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Data visualization in R: Multi-Paneled Plots with par and layout

It is possible to create a multi-paneled plotting window with the par function and the layout function. The par function is easy to use and creates a simple panel while layout should be used for customized panels of varying sizes. … Weiterlesen

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Data visualization in R: Plot Types

R offers nice graphic functions to visualize you data. Within this article I want to show you the basic and therefore very often used possibility to create a graphic. Furthermore you will learn a first parameter to adapt the presentation … Weiterlesen

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Bug assessment based on customer benefit and cost

During the daily business I have seen bug assessments with different tools and in different projects. Although the tools and projects were very different, the bug assessment was always the same. Bugs were rated in a technical way with view … Weiterlesen

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Use R in C#: R.NET data types

If you want to use R.NET to access R via C# applications, you have to know the R.NET type system. Following you will find a list with the R types, R.NET types and the equivalent in the .NET framework. R … Weiterlesen

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