Team Leadership: willingness to change

You encounter resistance at a necessary change? This rejection will only move away if the willingness to change exceeds the resistance.

It is nearly impossible to decrease the resistance of somebody but it is quite possible to increase the willingness to change. This wish for a change is based on a possible dissatisfaction with the actual situation. Therefore very often there is a wish for a change but also everyone fears new things. But if we have a clear vision of the situation after the change and a clear way how we will reach this future, we are willing to change something. So you have to show and explain your vision. And you also have to show the small and easy to reach steps on the way to this final Change.

Show your vision in a positive form. But remain realistic. If you overdo it you will risk that this vision is not taken seriously.

The way to reach this target state must be well identified. There must be a  hard to reach target somewhere in the distance. Instead you have to show a lot of small, ease to reach steps on the way to reach the target state.

You also have the possibility to increase the noticeable dissatisfaction with the actual situation. For example you may let the team members itself determine the actual situation. Most people can criticize very well and recognize things with which they are dissatisfied. It is also possible to find a common description for your vision, for example by finding a common definition for a process. Then it is possible to compare this common definition with the actual status and find deviations.

All these actions may increase the willingness to change and therefore the acceptance of your vision.

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