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Continuous Integration

Software teams normally consist of several developers. They work independent or in small groups on their own tasks. And of course, sometimes the developed code has to be merged together to get a running application. One kind of merging principle … Weiterlesen

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Design patterns: Factory Method

A factory method is a single method to create an object instance. The method is provided by the object itself. Therefore it can be overridden in a subclass. By using the factory method pattern the object exposes a method to … Weiterlesen

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Do not use Boolean function parameters

Function parameters may be of any type. So why should we try to avoid Boolean parameters? Because they have two disadvantages. The main issue is that a Boolean value may lead to a function which does several things. Furthermore the … Weiterlesen

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Characteristics of high quality C# code

Following you will find some characteristics for high quality C# code. Of course it is possible to define much more characteristics. So the following code quality features are an entry point to this topic only.   Define a standard constructor … Weiterlesen

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