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Clean Tuples

Depending on the preferences of a developer you may sometimes find a lot of tuples within the source code. Whether this is good or bad practice is another discussion which is not part of this article. Therefore I don’t want … Weiterlesen

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Design patterns: Singleton

By using the Singleton design pattern you ensure that a class has only one instance. The instance operation is provided by the class itself. So it maintains its own unique instance. The .NET framework offers a very simple and thread-safe … Weiterlesen

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Dealing with conflicts

In conflict situations it may often be difficult to keep the talk on a solution-oriented way. Personal emotions, different goals of the people, criticism and many other factors will influence the talk. Therefore it is helpful to have a procedure … Weiterlesen

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Design patterns: Proxy

The idea of the Proxy design pattern is to provide a substitute for another object were the substitute controls the access to the other project. So there is one real subject with a given interface, for example an object to … Weiterlesen

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