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Fuzz Testing

Introduction Software quality strongly depends on software testing. Due to the huge complexity of software systems they will always contain errors. Even for a single function with a few parameters you would need thousands or millions of tests to check … Weiterlesen

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Automated cognitive testing

In this article I would like to give few basic thoughts on the topic of cognitive testing and clarify what is meant by this kind of testing, what cognitive software systems are, how to test such systems and what is … Weiterlesen

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String View in C++17 (std::string_view)

The C++ string (std::string) is like a thin wrapper which stores its data on the heap. When you deal with strings it happens very often that a string copy must be created and therefore a memory allocation is done. But … Weiterlesen

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“if constexpr” in C++17 (static if)

With C++17 the „if constexpr“ statement was introduced. This so called “static if” or “compile-time if-expression” can be used to conditionally compile code. The feature allows to discard branches of an if statement at compile-time based on a constant expression … Weiterlesen

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Auto Type Deduction in Range-Based For Loops

Range-based For Loops offer a nice way to loop over the elements of a container. In combination with Auto Type Deduction the source code will become very clean and easy to read and write. The Auto Type Deduction is available … Weiterlesen

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C# Protected Internal vs Private Protected

C# offers the composed access modifiers “protected internal”. With C# 7.2 a new composed access modifier was added: “private protected”. Unfortunately, these modifiers are hard to understand as their names don’t reflect their meaning. Within this article I want to … Weiterlesen

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Ref Return and Ref Locals in C# 7

The C# language supports passing arguments by value or by reference since the first language version. But returning a value was possible by value only. This has been changed in C# 7 by introducing two new features: ref returns and … Weiterlesen

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