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Design patterns: Strategy

The strategy design pattern is used in case different algorithms are implemented and shall vary dynamically dependent on the use case. Very often, you can implement functionality in different ways. In most use cases you look at the pros and … Weiterlesen

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Delete commented-out code

You may see it the source code of nearly in every software project: commented-out code. Maybe you ignore and read over it or maybe you ask yourself: Why does this commented-out code exist? Does the creator of this code store … Weiterlesen

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Continuous Integration

Software teams normally consist of several developers. They work independent or in small groups on their own tasks. And of course, sometimes the developed code has to be merged together to get a running application. One kind of merging principle … Weiterlesen

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Team formation by increasing the team closeness

If you want to execute a project efficient, you have to have a good team. But what is a “good” team? A group of individualistic working specialist or a union of people of separated departments or …? It isn’t easy … Weiterlesen

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Use your scrum board to collect learning’s

There is a retrospective at the end of each sprint, which in my opinion is one of the most important meetings for the project because decisions made during this meeting may increase the efficiency and motivation of the whole project … Weiterlesen

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